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Sandi knows the heartbreak of divorce. She has been both a victim of it and a perpetrator of it. She knows the emptiness of seeking for love in all the wrong places and believing the lies of the enemy.

Sandi also knows the joy that comes from God's incredible mercy. She knows true love and acceptance in the arms of the King of Kings. She understands grace and the power of the Holy Spirit that comes when the road of obedience is traveled. Sandi is amazed at the faithfulness of God even when she is unfaithful . . .

Sandi was saved when she was 6 years old in Sunday School. But she lived a Christian walk void of victory over sin because she didn't understand the power of the Holy Spirit. She lacked patience to wait on the Lord and be obedient to His Word. So, she lived a rollercoaster Christianity for most of her life. After His endless, loving pursuit of His daughter, the Lord finally got her attention 10 years ago. She has been walking with Him and serving Him ever since.

Sandi is the women's worship leader at her church, Calvary Chapel Murrieta. She is also a member of the worship team. She is available to lead worship, share her testimony, share from the Word, or share special music. Her heart's desire is to call women to holiness in their marriage, purity in their singleness, and to encourage them to run from the lies of the enemy . . . especially those he masquerades as "love."

Sandi is also a wife (to the most perfect man God ever created), mother (to the most beautiful seven children ever created), and grandmother (to the three most perfect grandchildren ever created and three more on the way this year). She has a beautiful beagle, Scooter, who is the cutest most perfect dog ever. She earns a living as an RN on a postpartum unit (she gets to play with babies and cater to new moms).


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